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We use innovative technology designed for Fortune 500 brands to give organizations the technology-driven tools needed to build results-focused campaigns and facilitate successful interactions among the industry, the government and the global marketplace. We are a trending company who has been listed by DCInno as one of the top 150 tech firms two years running- 2016 & 2017.


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Our services can be utilized à la carte, but are more impactful bundled together. At SociallyMined, we are nimble and our services are leveraged best as one integrated campaign. Our innovative technology solutions are key differentiators between SociallyMined and other Washington DC firms.

  • Digital Advocacy

    We use digital advocacy as a tool to engage and educate using innovative technology solutions. Our approach aims to influence the public’s opinion to drive results for our clients. Digital advocacy is changing the paradigm and is effective because you can reach a large audience and engage users in a more impactful way.

  • Public Affairs

    Our Public Affairs practice aims to build, bridge and develop relationships between a client, politicians, governments and other pertinent influencers. We engage in typical campaign-style components, including research, strategy, planning, advice and implementation and also integrate technology and digital outreach tools to affect change.

  • Government Relations

    We engage in Government Relations as part of a complete outreach campaign. We influence both public and government policy ranging from local, regional, national, to a global scale. Teamed with a robust digital advocacy approach, we ensure client interests are affected by government leaders.

  • Social Media

    Our belief is that social media is the mechanism to create a virtual uprising for an issue or cause. We start out by analyzing your social footprint and build a robust set of tools to provide you with design, content and, when needed, reputation management to position you above the noise by micro-targeting key influencers to get your message out to the masses.

  • Public Relations

    We build awareness, share news via press releases, and track coverage across traditional and social media outlets. We search millions of posts and mine the data that will help monitor the social performance and engagement for our clients. Our solution monitors the conversation across the entire social world by tracking and monitoring sentiment as it is occurring in real-time.

  • Big Data & Analytics

    We take a mathematical approach to design an evaluation model that allows us to gauge opportunities based on their potential returns. Ultimately, this led us to the creation of what we now call our SM Opportunity Evaluation, a model that leverages big data and analytics to measure the approximate output (traffic) based on a finite set of inputs.

  • Positioning & Influence

    We use data and unique algorithms to identify the best influencers. This comprehensive platform has profiles for over 10M influencers across every major social channel, making this the largest such database existing in the world today. We have the ability to search for influencers by name or audience demographics to position our clients’ issues with the right audience.

  • Digital Production

    Our in-house digital team can storyboard and create impactful, meaningful videos. Data shows that video converts 10x better than any other medium. Our creative technologists create insightful, visually appealing content to fuel our strategy. Our visualizations are designed to provide actionable insights as quickly as possible to key decision makers.

  • E-Fundraising

    Our e-fundraising solution is a tool that can make effective use of social media, email, web, or geo-targeting. Our campaigns align influencers with targeted issues to raise money for an initiative leveraging social media and other similar platforms. Our solution excels due to peer-to-peer techniques as well as influencer involvement and micro-targeting those identified via data and analytics.

Innovative Technology

Smartphones are winning the race. Utilize cross-channel custom media to drive brand awareness/issue advocacy across mobile with micro-targeting campaigns. 70% of users use their smartphone every 5 minutes throughout their day.

  • Smart Phone Revolution

    Already there are 2.9B smartphone subscriptions; and by the year 2020, 90 percent of the world’s population over six years of age will have a mobile phone, making them the most important advocacy tool.

  • Algorithm-Powered Tools

    Identify the right audience by using our proprietary algorithm-powered SM Influencer Score. Our score is validated by up to the minute data and analytics, to identify and qualify the right decision makers, stakeholders, and elected officials to advance your issue.

  • Real-Time Solutions

    Social sentiment rising? Sudden emergency? Press exposure? Our team can engage in real-time and help you shape the narrative and amplify your message during viral spikes.

  • Geo Targeting

    Location is one of the most valuable data-points in determining relevance. Leverage the pin-point precision of hyperlocal targeting in a precise location, to the nearest foot. Our solution allows to learn from an individual’s behavior, as well as target key constituents.

latest from sociallymined

Deliver the Narrative. Our mantra is show, don’t tell. Create a video promoting your issue with content people will digest. Videos have far higher rates of viewership than banner ads and other forms of outreach. Social/digital videos are ten times more engaging than standard outreach tools.

We amplify the digital content we create by engaging key influencers to drive interest in relevant issues. From concept to reality to viral, SociallyMined drives results.


 All Politics Is Social


technology toolkit

We use in-house developers to integrate solutions from around the world to create seamless solutions. Our roots stem from some of the most impressive new technologies based in Israel, that are currently used independently by Fortune 500 companies. We developed a proprietary algorithm-powered SM Influencer Score validated by up to the minute data and analytics,

to identify and quantify the right decision makers, stakeholders, and elected officials to advance client issue. We have an in-house creative digital solutions team enabling us to provide video production, graphics, web creation, and social media management to help advance campaigns. The technology solutions in our tool-kit include:


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