Verticals Comments Off on DIGITAL ADVOCACY

We use digital advocacy as a tool to engage and educate using innovative technology solutions. Our approach influences public opinion to drive results for our clients. Digital advocacy is changing the paradigm and is effective, reaching a large audience and engaging relevant users in a more impactful way.

We combine typical campaign-style components, including research, strategy, planning, advice and implementation with innovative technology and digital outreach tools to affect change. Our full-service digital advocacy technology-centric social analytic solution is dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ goals, both short and long-term, are achieved.

Our unique blend of advocacy outreach solutions is designed to change the way organizations communicate their message and gain traction. This approach ensures that your message is being heard by those influencers and decision makers that can embrace your message, making an impact for your campaign by building a community online.

Our team drives awareness for associations, campaigns, non-profits, and politicians by leveraging our innovative outreach technology solutions to engage the masses, amplify a message, and micro-target key influencers to create a virtual uprising to supplement traditional outreach, message delivery, and public affairs services.

We are the engine behind state ballot initiatives, trade associations, and political campaigns, creating awareness for issues with key constituencies to drive results.



On January 17, 2018

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