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Opportunity Knocks

In business, things often happen organically and you deviate from a plan to take advantage of a specific opportunity. Social media is an expansive channel that extends ones reach from one to many and when we started SociallyMined we looked at how the technology would impact others in the advocacy vertical.

My partners and I have different backgrounds and, therefore, different networks. We’ve always looked at how we could leverage one another’s contacts and relationships for the greater good of growing SociallyMined in the advocacy sector and have tried to stay focused on addressable opportunity. With one partner in Israel and the other two in DC, we have global reach and a myriad of contacts and relationships in many disparate verticals.

In preparing for a SociallyMined road-show in Israel, with the goal of identifying complimentary tech solutions to partner with, acquire and/or develop, we found ourselves at the epicenter of innovation. What we learned in talking to tech start-ups and entrepreneurs in Israel was that tech collaboration amongst start-ups in Israel and the US contained many gaps. That only a select few technology solutions were being harvested by large American companies and that the security-solutions being utilized in Israel had no real access to US markets. During discussion, it was suggested that we apply our tech to bridge that collaboration gap.

It was at that point that we utilized our networks in both Israel and the US to build the infrastructure for the Israeli-American Innovation Council (www.IAInnovate.org). Though a deviation from what one may classify as “traditional advocacy”, we applied our solution to this project. At its core, the council is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing cooperation between the Israeli and American technology communities, while also encouraging regional economic development partnerships.

The Israeli-American Innovation Council strives to connect two of the world’s most innovative cultures by driving collaboration and partnership. We gathered insight and the goal is to make innovation a strategic component to impact technological breakthroughs, business competitiveness, and economic growth. The ultimate goal is to link innovation leaders in both countries and provide an environment for them to flourish in the age of disruption.

Both Israel and the United States use innovation as a tool to outperform their competitors. This tool inherently establishes new markets by creating improved efficiency. Therefore the council seeks to empower our large, diverse, networks of technological leaders, start-ups, investors and entrepreneurs to leverage possibilities for change via emerging technologies.

Utilizing our networks, we’ve not only established SociallyMined as a driver of innovative technology, but we’ve brought together leaders to help enhance collaboration and bring security solutions to the US that will ultimately protect our homeland.

In the coming weeks we will announce those individuals who have agreed to participate in the council. The impressive list of business leaders will begin to shape the narrative and drive innovation and collaboration. Follow us @IAInnovate on Twitter to track our progress and learn about those involved. We encourage others who are willing to participate to reach out via email at info@iannovate.org. We believe that the innovations of today will create a new tomorrow and that when opportunity knocks, seize the moment.

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On May 15, 2017

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