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As a business owner, father of 7 children and son of educators, I was drawn to the latest effort by the National Science Foundation.

The 2017 STEM Video Showcase is happening May 15-22. It will feature more than 170 videos on initiatives funded by multiple National Science Foundation programs. They cover a wide range of educational topics including math, science, engineering, computer science, computational thinking, standards, and professional development and they highlight initiatives for students of all ages (Kindergarten through College).

The education and scientific community is truly on the cusp of a radical transition in the way that research and innovation is spread due to the convergence of technological development and an evolution in both popular and scientific culture. While traditional modes of dissemination such as conferences, workshops, PI meetings, and peer reviewed journals will certainly continue to thrive, the STEM Videohall provides the potential for engaging diverse audiences across the globe. It enables greater interaction with a broader audience than an individual conference or PI meeting, is more immediate in its dissemination than the journal writing process, and is more visual and accessible to multiple audiences.

In short, STEM education is important for our children and our country. The more we engage with today’s youth the better prepared they can be for the future. Our involvement will help encourage students to understand the technology that affects them every day. Take some time and visit the showcase at, and the hashtag being used to promote the campaign is #stemvideohall.



STEM For All from SociallyMined on Vimeo.

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On May 15, 2017

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